aside Diani Galu beachfront development 0.5 & 0.37 acre plots Ksh20M

Quiet beachfront development in Galu Kinondo with 2 plots available for sale. 1 x 0.5 acres and 1 x 0.37acres.

A quiet and friendly development for those who prefer to be a little out of town. This beachfront property development is around 2.5 kms down past the end of the tarmac and is looking for like minded people who would like to live in a peaceful environment with friendly neighbours.

Beach access: along the northern boundary of the front plot

Power: access to power from underground cable being laid under the road.

Water: You will need to sort out your own well or water supply and rainwater collection is strongly encouraged (Guideline tank capacity of 0.3m3 cubed for every square metre of roof)

Building restrictions:

  • Buildings to be no higher than 8.5 metres
  • Exterior walls to be white or natural colour
  • Maximum of 2 dwellings + staff accomodation
  • Maximum of 35% coverage of plot for permanent structures
  • Pets allowed but not dedicated security dogs

Plots available: #2605 of 0.5acres and #2604 of 0.37 acres.

Price: Ksh20M per plot.

Call +254 725 341917 or email


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