aside Diani plots on beach side of road from US$150,000

1/4, 1/3 and1/2 acre plots for sale on beach side of road, Diani Beach

Set on the beach side of the road in Diani are several plots with access to the most stunning beautiful sandy beach in Galu.  Sellers are looking for like-minded people to enjoy the up-market residential estate.

Regulations to ensure the estate remains residential such as the following:

  • Houses to be no higher than 2 floors plus rooftop terrace
  • No high walls in-between plots (but fences with foiliage allowed)
  • One house per plot – no apartments
  • Footprint of house to be no larger than 25% of the plot and no more than 50% including garage, pool etc


  • Leasehold of 99 years from 1970
  • Along the sides of the access road there will be trenches/wayleave for services (water pipes, electricity cables and fire optic cable)
  • Kwale water access to each plot
  • 3-Phase power is available from the entrance and all cables will be needed to go underground only through the trenches provided along the access roads.
  • The plots will be on a sub-lease with shares in the management company. 
  • Total number of plots: 18

Prices: ¼ acre US$150,000;  1/3 acre US$200,000 and 0.465 acres US$290,000

Call +254 725 341917 or email

Below is a 360 photo. Click on the arrow, wait until it is focused, and move the screen around.


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