aside Diani Galu Kinondo, 5 bedroom beachfront house for rent Euro1,000 a month

to sea from upstairsDiani Beachfront house, 5 bedrooms on 1 acre for rent long term (preferably around 8 years).

This house is large, spacious with high ceilings to keep the house cool.  In front is a verandah with a good sized garden where you can sit and watch the ocean or enjoy sitting in the plunge pool in front of the house.

The sandy beach has a slightly smaller width, however, there is a path on the bottom of the ocean floor that you can walk on to get further out.  There is also a boat ramp to launch your boats into the water.

Located approx. 4kms south of the end of the tarmac.

Living area:

Very large open plan sitting room/dining/kitchen with doors out to the front verandah. There is a small upstairs terrace overlooking the ocean.

Bedrooms x 5 (3 ocean facing)

Master bedroom en suite overlooking the ocean.  Large bathroom with shower, bath and 2 basins with toilet in separate room.

2nd bedroom en suite behind master bedroom.

3rd, 4th and 5th bedroom on the other side of the house with a shared bathroom with double shower and 2 basins with toilet in separate room.


The house can come furnished or unfurnished. Any good quality furniture to be looked after. Any white furnishings that are used, such as fridge, cooker, etc that break down will need to be repaired or replaced by the tenant.


Water: There is a well at the back of the property with a pump to a top tank in the house. The water is brakish but good enough for showers, washing and pool but not drinking.

Hot water is in a 80 litre tank and heated by electricity.

Power is from the mains and bills are approx.. 14k a month and this runs 2 fridges, small freezer, washing machine.

Security: Electric Fence broken but the machines are still there. Press button alarms. High wall with razor wire dividing front and back garden.

Rubbish: Currently recycled and garden rubbish burnt


The property has a large wall separating the front garden and back garden.  There is one cat on the property that will stay in the back part of the compound unless you are willing to have it with you in the front.

Repairs & Maintenance:

Tenant must be able to and is responsible to keep the house in good repair, including pumps and anything else.

Landlord is not liable for any repairs except for major structural problems such as roof repair, wood termites in the roof etc..  Tenant will cover up to Ksh100,000 per year on materials for repairs (labour to be borne by tenant). Upon this limit being reached, the owner will pay, upon proof of receipts for Ksh100,000 for materials.

The iron bars on gates and windows etc must be re-painted at least every 2 years. The galana floor outside needs to be waxed every year (should take 2-3 days to do)

Things to know:

  • Pool is leaking slightly. Currently the power for the water pump to pump water into the pool to keep it full is approx.. Ksh2,000 a month.
  • Some of the pool tiles are coming off so edges could scratch you.
  • The kitchen sink is leaking slightly.

Price:  Euro1,000 per month with 6 months deposit and 6 months in advance.  Payable in Euro. Preferably someone for 8 years.

Price includes the caretaker who lives at the back of the property with his family.  You may use him to assist with the gardens and maintenance.

Available from 10 January 2022.

Call +254(0)725 341917(with Whatsapp), +254(0)734 331023 or email


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