aside Shimba Hills Organic Farm, 11 acres Euro170,000

Organic Farm of 11 acres with oodles of various trees, crops and fish.

Looking for new owners who appreciate the organic side of farming to take over this eco-farm. Lots of work has been put into the land/farm and sellers would like someone to continue and/or improve from where they have got to, to enjoy the benefits and delights of growing and living off the land.

The property has plenty of ground water, mains power, many hardwood trees and fruit trees, unusual plants, beehives, and fish ponds as well as some basic housing with 3-7 rooms. If you are passionate about living and working in a peaceful, rural setting then this is your opportunity and there are also rooms for visitors/agri-business.

This farm has been operated organically from virgin land for more than 5 years now and is only around 8kms from the tarmac road.

There have been several crops grown here successfully and currently there are approximately (numbers constantly vary as new trees are grown and old ones harvested):

  • Coconut x 65
  • Papaya x 450
  • Oranges x 75
  • Lemon x 10
  • Lime x 4
  • Tangerine x 10
  • Banana x 80
  • Mango x 30
  • Baobab x 2
  • Moringa x 100
  • Eucalyptus x 1114
  • Borea x 387
  • Gravelia x 10
  • Casuarina x 93 (from 1,500 – the rest are harvested)
  • Cashew Nut trees (old) + 30 of 1 year old
  • Custard apple x 2
  • Guava x 50
  • Teak trees x 60
  • Pomegranate x 54
  • Yling Ylang x 5 (flowers are base of all perfumes)
  • Sweet passion x 6
  • Vanilla x 78 (8 x 2 years old, 35 x 1 year old, 35 seedlings)
  • Jackfruit x 20
  • Pineapple x 84 (very large)
  • Hibiscus – all around
  • Neem tree x 25
  • Apple x 2
  • Avocado x 15
  • Local trees x 193
  • Kiwi x 4
  • Dragon x 2
  • Arrowroot x over 1,000
  • Beans

Other tried and tested plants that grow well here are pepper, tomatoes, chilli, eggplant, sweet potato & kassava. (Currently have tomatos, mchicha, cabbages, carrots, pepper, onion, cabbages).

Herbs grow very well here

There are also 4 fish ponds with over 2,000 fingerlings of tilapia and 300 catfish.

Beehives for honey

There are a few cows, chickens, sheep and goats (not necessarily for sale with the farm).

All this is currently run by one of the owners and 2 staff.

Please note the number of trees and vegetables are changing all the time.


  • 3 bedroom house – The house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, large kitchen, large verandah, small sitting room, work room. Outside the house there are 4 more rooms that can be used as extra bedrooms, stores conference rooms or massage rooms.
  • Chicken houses, animal houses
  • Staff area
  • Partly fenced
  • 4.5Ha (11.1 acres)

POWER: Mains power

WATER: Plenty of ground water with 2 wells of only 1.5 metres deep! Several storage tanks including one in a tower for gravity feed to the house. Rainwater harvesting around the house.

LOCATION: Around 8kms to the tarmac road on a mostly good murram road. Part of the murram access road goes through a wonderful forest for around 2.2kms just before arriving at the farm. Around 35kms or 1 hour’s drive from Diani.

TITLE: Freehold agricultural land

Price: Euro170,000

Call +254(0) 725 341917 or email


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