aside Diani Beach – exclusive beachfront estate plots for sale from Ksh13-Ksh39M

Join an exclusive residential gated estate on a beach property in central Diani.  The 5.5 acre estate is split into 19 plots with a 7 metre perimeter wall around it and a private access path to the beach.

Each plot is serviced with a water and power point adjacent to their plot. 

All owners will have an open choice to design their holiday home subject to the parameters set in the sub-lease, the following conditions must apply:-

  • Each plot has a sub title and once all plots are sold a management company will be formed where the revisionary interest of the plot will be transferred. Each plot owner will be a shareholder in the management company.
  • Single dwelling on each plot, with the exception of plot 1 & plot 19 where 6 – 8 apartments each will be allowed.
  • Construction design is ground plus 1 with a total maximum slab height of the top ceiling at 8M.
  • Plots 1 to 8 and plot 11 set back from internal road is 6m and 3m on each of the three other sides. Plots 9 and 10 set back is 3m on all sides.
  • Plots 11-17 set back from boundary wall is as per government regulations and 3m on each of the three other sides (including the road side)
  • No makuti or thatched roofs are allowed
  • Service charge will be based on 1/19th of the shared common expenses.
  • Power and water connections will be provided to each plot

Leasehold of 99 years from 1988.

Call for particular prices for available plots but for the moment only 2 are remaining at Ksh20M and Ksh22M.

Call +254 725 341917 or email


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