aside Diani Beachfront on 0.85 acres with 6 bedrooms US$850,000

Contemporary 80’s style house on 0.85 acres land with excellent views of the beach and ocean in Galu.  The gardens have many lovely mature trees.

The house is divided into 3 x 2 bedroom dwellings but can easily be changed to a 4 bedroom + 2 bedroom.  Each dwelling faces the front.

Ground floor dwelling:

  • Extremely large, open plan kitchen/sitting room leading onto a closed in verandah and further out onto a terrace
  • 2 very large bedrooms sharing a bathroom
  • guest bathroom

Top floor dwelling:

  • This is a replica of the downstairs dwelling but with a terrace instead of a verandah
  • Extremely large, open plan kitchen/sitting room leading out onto a large terrace
  • 2 verylarge bedrooms sharing a bathroom
  • Guest bathroom

3rd dwelling:

  • Ground floor: open plan sitting/kitchen/dining room with guest bathroom
  • Upstairs: 2 bedrooms sharing a bathroom


  • Staff accomodation for 2 in the back with some more half built buildings
  • Hole in the ground in preparation for a swimming pool
  • Water: Mains water with 2 underground water tanks. One is approx. 77,000 litres and the second is around 18,000 litres. There is then a rooftop tank of around 1,000 litres. There is also a well on the property but not being used.
  • Power: Mains
  • Mature garden
  • House built: Unknown but likely around 2001-2002.
  • Frontage: amazing views from the front which, from the raised vantage point, give sweeping views from north to south. The property is set up on a cliff with stairs down to the beach through the coral.
  • The raised property is great for views, privacy and security.

Leasehold of 99 years from 1997

Call +254 725 341917 (with whatsapp) or email


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