aside Shimba Hills 51 acres Ksh25M

52 acres in Shimba Hills with access to power along one edge.

There is private piped water on the next door farm of which you could request a take-off.

Part of the plot has a small plantation of mature mango trees and there are also some gum trees on another part.

Lovely views overlooking the ocean and you can also see Mombasa from another part of the plot.

Safaricom connection is good and there is an export farm next door.

It is approximately 8kms off the main tarmac road along a good murram road, around 16.5kms to Naivas and approximately 12kms to the beach.

Freehold, agricultural land (only Kenya Citizens can buy)

Price: Ksh25M for 51 acres

Call +254 725 341917 (with Whatsapp) or email


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