aside Msambweni, 2.9 acres beachfront with 3 bedroom house Ksh32M ** Under Offer **

side to seaA fantastic beachfront property in Msambweni. This property is set on a cliff with a sandy beach below. The elevation not only gives excellent security but also gives panoramic views of the ocean.

The entrance to the beach has stairs through the rocks and down into and through a cave which makes an exciting ‘Aladdin’s walk’ to the beach. The beach is sandy and there are lots of caves and nooks and crannies to explore in the cliff along the beach.

* 2.7 acres on the ground (2.9 acres on title deed)
* 3 bedroom furnished holiday house – built in 2014 as a simple holiday cottage with plenty of space. It is a large double storey rondaval
* Upstairs: 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom
* Downstairs: Open plan kitchen and sitting/verandah area, bathroom and large storage facilities.
* Verandah/sitting room has grill doors.
* Water – well at the top of the plot with storage in the house
* Staff quarters
* Mains electricity to the house
* Freehold

Price: Ksh32M ** Under Offer**


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