aside Shimba Hills, stunning views 6.4acres Ksh9.8M

verandah to north west6.4 acres of land overlooking the Mwalaganju Elephant Sanctuary/Forest Reserve with an excellent view of the river meandering down through the forest reserve towards the edge of the cliff.  The views are magnificent and all your troubles melt away as you sit, watch and listen to the sights and sounds of ‘Africa’.

The land gently slopes towards the clifftop with approx.. 150 metre frontage.  The views are towards the Forest Reserve so you should always get those un-interrupted views of the ‘bush’.  There is the occasional sighting of elephants below and they do sometimes come up to the top of the ridge at night, leaving behind their footprints as well as their dung which you can use as plant compost or mosquito repellent!

The property is only 6kms away from Kwale town.

There is a dilapidated house on the property that can be used as a ‘camping spot’ or ‘roof over your head’.

Power: No mains power and therefore own power such as solar to be installed

Water: No council water, however there is an underground water tank that collects rain water off the roof of the current structure.


Asking price: Ksh9.8M


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