aside Diani 2 bedroom house on 1/2 acre, well kept Euro140,000

house from front12 bedroom house on just under ½ acre with plenty of extra space including an upstairs area with a balcony and a storeroom that has been converted into a sauna (bought from Germany). The gardens are spacious and green with plenty of water to sprinkle the gardens with and the property has excellent security and fire systems in place.  It is on it’s own compound within a gated community.

  • 2 bedrooms with 1 bedroom en suite + 1 bedroom sharing a bathroom with common areas. Kitchen, verandah, upstairs lounge with terrace.
  • Room with a sauna (imported from Germany)
  • Carport, Staff toilet and shower, store
  • Power: Mains with a small generator which covers lights, TV, Computer and fans.
  • Water: Well water (Shared well with neighbour) – reasonably fresh. The well is cleaned every 2 months. There is a tank on a tower that feeds both properties.  In case of a power cut there is a petrol motor pump that can be used.
  • There are 2 water hydrants in the garden with 2 fire hoses and there are also sprinklers placed on the roof of the makuti incase of fire.
  • Garden: 15 x energy saving lights scattered around the garden and 2 water outlets for water hoses
  • Service charges for the community is approx.. Ksh4,500 per month which covers the security at the gate and rubbish collection.
  • Unique security system
  • Built 2002
  • 0.42 acres
  • Leasehold of 99 years from 2002

Asking price: Euro140,000 partly furnished

Call +254(0)725 341917(With Whatsapp) +254(0)734 331023 or email





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