aside Mtwapa Creekfront, 7 acres with over 100m frontage, ideal for upmarket development US$3.7M

View to creek mouth17 acre creekfront with approx. 100 metre frontage onto the Mtwapa creek with views over the mouth of the creek and ocean.

Beautiful plot with house and 3 cottages. The main house was built in 1947 which was when they built houses that never fall down!

Ideal for those who would like to develop an upmarket apartment complex and keep most of the beautiful, indigenous trees that have been resident for several decades in the area. Wonderful soil for gardens.

Water: currently using well and rainwater with a large underground tank and rain water catchment tanks.   The total amount of water storage is 50,000 litres.  There are mains pipes along the road

Power: Mains with 12KVA generator


Price: US$3.7M (approx.. Ksh52.8M per acre)

Call +254(0725 341917, +254(0)734 331023 or email





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