aside Shimba Hills, lodge in the heart of the forest. For sale

lodge from other sideAt the heart of the Shimba Hills tropical rainforest is a treehouse lodge set within the lush green vegetation of forest canape overlooking a large waterhole with spectacular scenery of both forest and wildlife. Think peace and tranquility and tuning into nature with the spectacular views and sounds of the forest dwellers, perfect for nature lovers.

The lodge visitors can experience being in the centre of the jungle, yet within the comfort and safety of the lodge, raised high up in the canopy of the trees, with a bird’s eye views of the activities of both their regular animal visitors as well as the odd sighting of others. They can enjoy the peace and tranquility whilst witnessing the wildlife activities and listening to the African sounds of the tropical forest.

The regular visitors include a pair of white-headed fish eagles that regularly swoop over the water hole giving the budding photographers excellent chance to prove the skills. A fair number of monitor lizards grace the landscape and it is fun watching them swimming across the waterhole and monkeys enjoy their playful frolicking in the trees. Squirrels and bushbabies take pleasure in welcoming you to the lodge, occasionally picking up your scraps of bread and bananas. Several different antelopes come to the water’s edge for their daily watering and, on the odd occasion, you may be lucky enough to see elephant or a leopard come to the water’s edge.

Built in 1984 with natural materials to blend into the surroundings, the lodge has recently been refurbished and started running with a new management which has bought in excellent reviews from visitors.

Click here for more information on the Shimba Hills National reserve

  • Renovations include the 2 suites, 18 rooms, common bathrooms
  • New good quality linen, decorations and general refurbishment of the lodge
  • Several tour operators, both large and small, now using the lodge together with more and more locals enjoying a visit
  • Only 40 minutes drive to Diani Beach
  • Kwale town is 10 minutes away
  • Shimba Hills National reserve and The Sheldrick Falls on your doorstep

For Sale: Take over of the lease and all contents Price: Open to offers

Please call +254(0)734 331023, +254(0)725 341917 or email


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