aside Diani Beach central, roadside block of shops and apartments Ksh80M

Back of block

Road front block of shops and apartments on the main Diani Beach road, central Diani.

  • 0.56 acre compound. Approx. 1630sqm built area.
  • There are 3 floors. The 1st & 2nd floor has 4 (total) large, spacious, 3 bedroom en suite apartments with balcony and the ground floor has 3 shops and 2 studio apartments.
  • The shops have shop space, store. bathroom with toilet and basin and access through both a front and back door.
  • Mains water with large underground water tanks. Backup well on property.
  • Boundary is a stone wall on 3 sides with iron fence at the frontage with entrance and exit gates.
  • Parking at both the front and back of plot
  • Leasehold of 99 years from 1979

Asking price: Ksh80M


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