Diani Galu, 14 acres, 75m beach frontage, with boutique hotel and 2 private houses Ksh280m

pool to barA 14 acre property on the beach with approx. 75m frontage.

On the beachfront there is a boutique hotel with 6 x 85sqm bandas on stilts, each with bedroom, bathroom, Jacuzzi bath, private seating area and verandah. The bandas are designed to give privacy to the occupants and each banda has wonderful views of the ocean, including from the bedroom which has glass front windows.

There is also a lovely swimming pool, bar/restaurant, kitchen, stores, common bathroom.

Most of the property is covered by bush and trees including many baobabs with only the front portion developed. The beachfront is developed with the hotel and there are also 2 x 3 bedroom houses just behind the hotel with their own shared swimming pool.

The property has many trees including lots of baobabs.

  • Buildings: 6 stilt bandas en suite, pool, bar, kitchen, common toilet, swimming pool, 2 x 3 bedroom houses with their own shared pool. Hotel was renovated in 2013.
  • The power is from the mains on the Msambweni line.
  • Water is from a well at the back of the plot with 2 water tanks of approx. 10,000 litres each, piped and pumped to the front of the plot.
  • The property is approximately 1.9kms from the main tarmac Mombasa-Lunga Lunga road.  You can also drive down the Diani Beach road and it is approximately 5.5kms from the tarmac.
  • Lots of baobabs & trees on the plot

Asking price: Ksh280m

Willing to sell off front part. Price depends on how many acres you take.


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