Shimba hills with stunning views of the African Interior

River View

Breathtaking views of untouched Africa.

Space, rolling hills, long meandering river.

60 acres of land with various views. Willing to subdivide into 4 plots.

View 1: Part of the land is situated on a ridge overlooking the rolling hills of Africa with a long meandering river flowing from the far corner and bending around at the foot of the ridge. The ridge overlooks reserve so that you will always have that sense of the wild. You will occasionally see elephants drinking or walking through. The bird life is also abundant with both forest and bush birds.

View 2: On another part of the land you have wonderful views of Mombasa from the west. It is amazing how beautiful a town or city can look from afar. You have to see it to believe it!

The owners would like to sell all 60 acres to that special someone, however they are willing to subdivide into 2-3 plots.

The land is only 15 minutes from Kwale town along a very reasonable dirt road that is still good in the rainy season.

Price for 60 acres is Ksh55M. Freehold.

Willing to subdivide into 4 plots as follows-

21 acres @ Ksh800,000 per acre, total Ksh16.8M
12 acres @ Ksh1M per acre, total Ksh12M
10.6 acres@Ksh1.2m per acre, total Ksh12.72M
16.4 acres @Ksh1.5m per acre,  total Ksh24.6M




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